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  • » Top Ten Games For Drunken Play…

    • I don’t think I really agree with a number of the items on this list of the best games to play drunk, but it’s nice to see the internet’s hard-hitting journalists tackle a subject we all care about deeply. Gaming Under the Influence:  Top 10 Drunk Multiplayer Games (It’s a couple of weeks old at […]

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  • » Tesco!

    • If you’ve been to the UK of late, you probably bought some groceries and/or ready-made food at Tesco.  This article from the Economist summarizes Tesco’s rise to power in the UK supermarket scene, thanks to their wonderful system for collecting data on shoppers.  They’re expanding into the US this year, which is the basis for […]

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  • » Awesome Book Review From the New York Times…

    • The Joy of Drinking by Barbara Holland It’s about drinking.  From pre-civilization days to the present day, apparently.  And also, it’s apparently very disgusted with today’s “culture of moderation” which I take to mean it’s pro-drunkenness.  And the chick who wrote it lives in VA, so it’s almost like supporting a local artist.  I think […]

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  • » Amusing Commentary On Homer’s Epics…

    • I heard this on NPR today. Basically, it boils the ancient poems of Homer down to the most arty drinking game ever. It make me laugh. Click to Listen (Yes, I listen to All Things Considered when I happen to be in the car at the right time of day, in a vain attempt to […]

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  • » Exclusive Interview With The Tossers!

    • That’s right… I mean, it’s not exclusive in that we’re the only people who ever get to interview them EVER, but this is the only place you’ll find THIS interview, and I think that’s what that means. It goes without saying that last night’s show was absolutely awesome, of course. The Tossers were in fine […]

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    • Well, it’s the only holiday I share with the rest of the world. Drink up, ye merry gentle-folk.

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