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  • » For the record…

    • … the show is on hiatus, probably until the fall. I kept meaning to mention that here, but I never got around to it. I mention it now because we did get to do a Drug Month show, on Songs From the Big Hair at WRIR. So I’m about to post that set-list, and then […]

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  • » No 01/22/2013 show…

    • Perhaps you’ve heard of the weather? I was a under it. Way under it. Like, Journey To the Center of the Earth under it. Spent the last 24 hours in bed. Sorry about that. Regular service will resume next week!

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  • » New Server, and Setlist For Tonight’s Show!

    • Our migration to a new server – which is much speedier – is complete, and we’re very happy about it.  Please comment here if you notice anything that’s broken, but a quick examination seems to show everything functioning better than it ever has before! Since the site was unavailable during tonight’s broadcast, I was unable […]

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  • » Update On the Podcasts…

    • Just to let you guys know, as of a couple days ago, has apparently gone down.  They’ve been having funding problems of late, and I’m assuming they’ll be back once they pay off their bandwidth costs, but until that happens, the old podcasts are not accessible.  From here on out, until the site comes […]

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  • » Setlist – 2/23/09

    • Hey, guys. Here we are, another week. I got some new stuff and some old stuff, once again. I reckon I’ll have time to make sure next week’s show is all new, since – gasp! shudder! alas! drink! – I no longer have a significant female to take me out of town and make my […]

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  • » Setlist – 12/15/2008

    • A real show! Mother’s Milk returns to form with 2 hours of all-new music – as usual, with the sole intention of getting you all hammered. Won’t you please drink along? Thanks! We’re hitting every genre I can think of, tonight, including punk, jazz, country, folk, rock, hip-hop, blues and… well, I can’t think of […]

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  • » Setlist – 10/06/2008

    • Just in time, once again, I got it together. No damn internet at home, since we moved, so I haven’t been able to do any research this week on new stuff. Still found a bunch of stuff on the shelves, so we’re all good. If you dig it, leave a comment. I filter the spammy […]

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  • » Quick Update…

    • The interview’s still going to go up shortly. But I’ve been rather busy with other projects, and transcription is time-consuming. Just thought I’d let you know.

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  • » The Month of March

    • March is going to be a little different for the show. The first portion of the show will, as always, feature a diverse and divine collection of thoroughly intoxicated music but the last half (or thereabouts, depending) will feature a live album, in it’s entirety, by a thoroughly booze-driven band. The line-up right now is […]

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  • » An Inaugural Post…

    • Welcome to the new Mother’s Milk website. If you just stumbled upon us, you’re wondering what Mother’s Milk is. To satisfy your curiosity: Mother’s Milk is a weekly radio show on 97.3 FM WRIR-LP, and streamed live on the web at The show runs every Monday night, from 11pm to 1am, EST.  The kicker?  […]

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