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  • » Top Five Liquor-Label Slogans

    • Liquor’s been around for ages – literally! – and promoting the sale of it is something that the producers of it have been into for just as long, no doubt. Well, maybe less long… maybe the first producers of liquor were just down to get liquored up with friends. But since the invention of money, […]

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  • » No 01/22/2013 show…

    • Perhaps you’ve heard of the weather? I was a under it. Way under it. Like, Journey To the Center of the Earth under it. Spent the last 24 hours in bed. Sorry about that. Regular service will resume next week!

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  • » Setlist – 11/06/2012

    • We satiate ourselves, to satiate the lord – enjoy! UPDATE: The lord helps those who drink themselves. Solid show, if a bit incoherent. Check it out by downloading it from Radio4All – click here, and make magic happen! As per always, you can totally click here to check out our Facebook page.  Song Artist Album […]

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  • » Setlist – 05/03/2010

    • Hey guys!  We’re going to rock on out tonight with tons of awesomeness.  I did want to let you know that Rum Doings has not permanently gone away – if you’re a regular listener, you’re aware that for the past two months, I’ve been playing Rum Doings on the first show of each month.  This […]

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  • » Setlist – 6/29/09

    • Sup, guys?  As of midnight tonight, I’m 29.  I’ll just be playing whatever I want to hear, tonight.  One of my two birhtday-presents to myself.  Hopefully, you’ll dig it.  Thanks for listening, keep drinking, and feel free to join me around 10ish tomorrow at McCormack’s Irish Pub, the greatest bar in the world, down in […]

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  • » Setlist – 03/30/2009

    • Sup, guys?  Good tunes.  Good booze.  Good times?  Hell, yeah.  Tonight’s live album – officially ending “Live Album Month 2009” – is “Postcards From the Day” from seminal DC group The Slickee Boys.  Check it out.  Feel free to call if you’ve got a request before the insanity begins.  Thanks for listening… Setlist – Mouthbreather […]

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  • » Setlist – 2/22/09

    • Wow. Technical difficulties totally suck. I can’t tell if there’s a horrible buzz going out over the air or not. I don’t have any CDs tonight, so I’m having to rock the show off of the stuff that I carry to work every day. Thankfully, I listen to drinking music virtually 24/7 so the show […]

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  • » Setlist – 12/01/2008

    • I had a great week. I got time off, I got laid off, and I got a girl. Not necessarily in that order. The positives outweighed the negatives, and I worked up a hell of a hangover during the past four or five days. With enthusiastic help. So this is week two of the series […]

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  • » Great article about a musician I’ll be playing tomorrow night…

    • I just read this thoroughly amusing semi-bio of Hasil Adkins, and felt it needed to be shared with the world. Billy Miller relates war stories of touring with Adkins when he was on parole for a weapons violation involving a typical backwoods shoot-out over a girl in which the offending parties were too drunk to […]

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  • » Interesting post on Son and Foe…

    • They collected together a bunch of commercials by an insane attorney who specializes in drunk-driving related personal injury claims, apparently. He’s kinda manic. They’re quick to watch, and get a chortle if not a chuckle. This is what the internet is for, right? Click here to view the post.

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