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  • » Setlist – 11/16/2015

    • Song Artist Album Label Year Kiss the Floor The Afghan Whigs Congregation Sub Pop 1992 It’s On BRONCHO Just Enough Hip To Be Woman Dine Alone 2014 Thirteenth Drink Brick Layer Cake Tragedy-Tragedy Touch & Go 1994 Surf the Apocalypse Beastmilk Climax Magic Bullet 2013 Deranged Rock N’ Roller Premonition 13 13 Rykodisk 2011 Nightsoil […]

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  • » Setlist – 11/09/2015

    • Song Artist Album Label Year Jock-O-Rama Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist Manifesto Records 1985 So Far Away Social Distortion Social Distortion Epic 1990 Ain’t Got Me Paul Westerberg Eventually Reprise 1996 Piano Glassjaw Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence Roadrunner Records 2000 Naturally High The Cult The Cult Beggars Banquet 1994 Smoke Break Carrie Underwood […]

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  • » Setlist – 11/02/2015

    • Okay, I’m trying to tighten up, here. So I’m going to start updating the website again. WRIR’s website is great for recent shows, but it’s pretty wretched at maintaining a decent and usefully searchable archive of past shows larger than, say, a month or two. Here’s tonight’s setlist! I’ll edit the URL for downloading the […]

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  • » Setlist – Songs From the Big Hair – 06/29/2013

    • Josh from Mother's Milk here, rockin' you 80s-style with all drug-songs! My birthday is tomorrow, and I'm celebrating in style, yo. Tune in and turn on. You don't have to drop out. UPDATE: That went pretty well. I finally got the podcast up! You can download it from by clicking here. And as always, […]

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  • » Setlist – 05/21/2013

    • Is "imbibement" a word? I have no idea. Well, I have a sneaking suspicion it wasn't, before I coined it, actually, but maybe not. I have no certainty, is what I'm saying. Drink up! UPDATE: I kind of want to cry. The podcast saved all glitchy. And the show was so GOOD, dammit. Oh well.  […]

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  • » Setlist – 05/14/2013

    • … and anything else, for that matter. UPDATE: Fucking nailed it, dawg. Solid show. Lots of multi-song sets from the same artist, but not overbearingly so, and they were all pretty solid. I dug the show a lot and I was barely sentient for most of it. Click here to download it, like a boss. […]

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  • » Setlist – 04/30/2013

    • That song from Prairie Home Invasion never fails to make me smile. What's up, guys? Let's get drunk. UPDATE: Go here to listen to the show. It was good. Also, check us out on Facebook by clicking here. Song Artist Album Label Year I Lie When I Drink Dale Watson El Rancho Azul Red House […]

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  • » Setlist – 04/23/2013

    • Tunes! Booze! Victory! UPDATE: Christ. It took long enough, but the podcast is up. Click here to check it out. As per always, this is our Facebook.  Song Artist Album Label Year Better Times The Ones To Blame Better Times Thew Ones To Blame 2012 The Ones To Blame The Ones To Blame Better Times […]

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  • » Setlist – 04/16/2013

    • I forgot to write anything about tonight's show. I had no plan, just a bible for booze and two hours to fill. I'm quite happy with how it's turned out, to be honest. UPDATE: Podcast has been uploaded. Download it from Radio4All by clicking here. Also, we have a Facebook. It's here.  Song Artist Album […]

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  • » Setlist – 04/09/2013

    • Tommy from Dog Germs filled in for me, so I could go to see Frightened Rabbit in North Carolina. His setlist is here.

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