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Setlist – 03/30/2009

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Sup, guys?  Good tunes.  Good booze.  Good times?  Hell, yeah.  Tonight’s live album – officially ending “Live Album Month 2009” – is “Postcards From the Day” from seminal DC group The Slickee Boys.  Check it out.  Feel free to call if you’ve got a request before the insanity begins.  Thanks for listening…


Mouthbreather – I Don’t Work In Restaurants For the Food
Octane Saints – S.O.B. (Plaza Bowl – April 4th, 2009)
The Pogues – Boys From the County Hell
Old Crow Medicine Show – Goodbye, Booze
Allison Moorer – Marie
Hayseed Dixie – The Moonshiner’s Daughter
Yellow Note vs. Pukka – Naked, Drunk, and Horny
Sons and Daughters – The Gift
Used Carlotta – Down On My Knees
Otis Redding – Champagne and Wine
The Mekons – Give Me Wine or Money
Monty Python – Drinking Philosophers Song
The Hold Steady – Killer Parties

Live Album:  “Postcards from the Day” by The Slickee Boys

1. Life of the Party
2. Cinderella
3. Can’t Believe
5. Disconnected
6. Goin’ All the Way
7. Jailbait Janet
8. Henry VIII
9. Hiccupped To Hell
10. Ain’t Gettin’ Any
11. Louise
12. Stepping Stone
13. Mean Screen
14. Head Kicked In
15. Pictures of Matchstick Man
16. Question of Temperature
17. Riddles and Fairytales
18. Reverse Psychiatry
19. The Crawling Hand
20. Nagasaki Neuter
21. Weasel
22. WhenWeWereKids
23. Gotta Tell Me Why
24. Here To Stay

— devlocke


  1. broke_dc_punk_legend, March 31, 2009:

    Damn, What an excellent choice for a live album. You rock!!!

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