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Setlist – 12/15/2008

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A real show! Mother’s Milk returns to form with 2 hours of all-new music – as usual, with the sole intention of getting you all hammered. Won’t you please drink along? Thanks! We’re hitting every genre I can think of, tonight, including punk, jazz, country, folk, rock, hip-hop, blues and… well, I can’t think of anymore. So we’re doing all those. Oh, and some electronica and dance-pop type stuff too, a little bit, so I have time to smoke a cigarette. Lots to look forward to. 🙂

Dropkick Murphys – (F)lannigan’s Ball
Jawbreaker – Kiss the Bottle
Jawbreaker – Chesterfield King
Al Copley & the Fabulous Thunderbirds – Bad, Bad, Whiskey
Ella Fitzgerald – De-Lovely
Patty Loveless – Cheap Whiskey
Bembaya Jazz – Whiskey Soda
Blood or Whiskey – Sober Again
Howlin’ Hachima – Pretty Whiskey Blues
Viking Skull – Hair of the Dog
Viking Skull – Doom, Gloom, Heartache, and Whiskey
Viking Skull – Drink
8bit – Girls and Drinks
The Gits – Another Shot of Whiskey
Bootstroke – Football Drinks & Rock n’ Roll
Peter & the Test-Tube Babies – He’s On the Whiskey (Watch Out!)
Big Strider – She Drinks Whiskey
Commander Cody & the Lost Planet Airmen – Daddy’s Drinking Up Our Christmas
Memphis – Incredibly Drunk On Whiskey
Electrovamp – Drinks Taste Better When They’re Free
The Showdown – It Drinks From Me
Toño Rosario – Culikitaka
Killroy – 99 Bottles
Adrenalized – Beer, Whiskey, and Spaghetti
T.W.D.Y. – Drinks On Me (Clean)
Norman Blake – Beefsteak and Whiskey
U. P. Wilson – Whiskey-Headed Woman
The Tossers – Whiskey Makes Me Crazy
Lee Rocker – Crazy When She Drinks

— devlocke

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