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The Month of March

posted on February 18, 2007 at 11:22 pm · filed under Site News

March is going to be a little different for the show. The first portion of the show will, as always, feature a diverse and divine collection of thoroughly intoxicated music but the last half (or thereabouts, depending) will feature a live album, in it’s entirety, by a thoroughly booze-driven band. The line-up right now is The Pogues, The Clancy Brothers, Swingin’ Udders, and The Supersuckers. I haven’t quite set it in stone yet, so I’m not sure which live performance by each group I’ll be featuring (except for Swingin’ Udders; that’ll be ‘Live In a Dive’; I just got it and it kicks ass), and it’s possible I’ll substitute artists, but basically it’s going to be a full live album played all-the-way-through with no interruptions except those mandated by the station.

So if you’re oldschool, throw a blank tape in the tape-deck and press the record when it starts. I guarantee absolutely kick-ass music by some awesome and booze-centric artists. Why not get a whole album for free?

— devlocke

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