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Setlist – 02/02/2009

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What’s up? Probably going to be an Americana kinda night, cuz’ I’m feeling down and want to hear hopeless songs of misery and woe. But we’ll see. Doing Mother’s Milk always amps me up, so maybe it’ll pick up. Damn fine songs of whiskey and wasted lives, either way.


Horsehead – Walk It Off
Tim Barry – Sagacity Gone
Frank Turner – St. Christopher Is Coming Home
Silverhands – Whiskey and Walking the Floor
Merle Haggard – I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink
The Proclaimers – I’m Gone
Pulp – The Fear
The Tossers – Everything’s Bad
Bright Eyes – The Drunk Kids, The Catholics
Rory Block – Lovin’ Whiskey
Popa Chubby
Uncle Tupelo – Whiskey Bottle
Social Distortion – Ball & Chain
Onkel Tom Angelripper – Es gibt kein Bier auf Hawaii
Barenaked Ladies – Alcohol
Supagroup – Invincible Me
Swingin’ Utters – Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass, and Bones
Witches With Dicks – Yes Mark, It Is Tentitive*
Hillbilly Hellcats – I Like Whiskey
Drive-By Truckers – Why Henry Drinks
Texabilly Rockers – Boozabilly Bop
Blood Or Whiskey – Poxy Pub
The Mekons – Dance and Drink With the Mekons
FEAR – Bud Club
Siobhan – Monday Night Drinking Song
Rob Tognoni – Jim Beam Blues
Afroman – Drive Better Drunk
Asylum Street Spankers – Beer
Elliot Smith – St. Ides Heaven
Mojo Nixon – UFOs, Big Rigs, and BBQ
Paddy Goes To Holyhead – Whiskey When I’m Dry
GG Allin – Guns, Bitches, Brawls, and Bottles

* – That’s how they spelled it. Don’t blame me.

— devlocke

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