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Mother’s Milk’s Concert Recommendations for 12/2009

posted on December 11, 2009 at 10:42 pm · filed under Concert News
Here’s Mother’s Milk’s guide to getting drunk in public for December of 2009.

12/10/09 – Koffin Kats, Gojira X, True Liberty, Hell City Sinners for $10/adv, $12/day-of, 7 PM at Alley Katz
12/11/09 – Municipal Waste, Brutal Truth, Phobia, Cauldron for $10, 6 PM (all ages) at Alley Katz
12/12/09 – The Misfits for $16/adv, $19/day-of, 7 PM at The National*
12/12/09 – Octane Saints (Taboo Rock and Roll Fashion Show) for $10/adv, $12 day-of, 7 PM at The Canal Club
12/16/09 – Street Dogs for $13/adv, $15/day-of, at 8 PM at Black Cat (Washington, DC)
12/19/09 – White Cross, Octane Saintx, Beex, The Offenders, and the Jimmy Catlett Band for $10, 8 PM at The Playing Field*
12/19/09 – Carbon Leaf for $20, 8 PM at The National
12/28/09 – Clutch for $25, 6 PM at the 9:30 Club

Not really a great month for gettin’ drunk shows, here in RVA. Koffin Kats are sorta punk/psychobilly awesomeness. Municipal Waste is metal/hardcore for angry swillers of PBR. The Misfits don’t really do drinking songs but singing along to ‘Where Eagles Dare’ or ‘Skulls’ at the top of your lungs with a drink in your hand is just a damn good time. The Octane Saints are kick-ass and there will probably be eye-candy as well at the Rock and Roll Fashion Show. The Street Dogs are kick-ass punk rock of the Boston variety, fronted by a former member of Dropkick Murphys. If you only go to one show this month, that White Cross show is the one to hit up. Reasonably cheap, and I’ve played every band playing (except for White Cross, amusingly) on Mother’s Milk. Beex and Octane Saints are kick-ass punk/rock, Jimmy Catlett sort of reminds you of the 80s and is a solid song-writer with a number of drinking tunes, and I can’t remember what the Offenders sound like but I know I enjoyed them live – I’ve never seen/heard White Cross but they’re RVA-legends. Carbon Leaf seems a little pricey, but they’re localish Celtic-influenced rock and they’re really good live, if you’ve got the bank. Clutch is like no other band, a fun mix of metal, punk, blues, and Southern grit.

DON’T MISS: White Cross, Octane Saints, Beex, The Offenders, and the Jimmy Catlett Band on 12/19.

Shows marked with an asterisk are shows that Mothers Milk will definitely be attending. Feel free to buy us a drink. I’m just sayin’… I’ll be the long-haired cracker with a McCormack’s hoody.

As always, if you know a good show for gettin’ drunk and havin’ a good time, let us know. I’m not familiar with EVERY alcoholic that ever took to the stage, and I’m probably not even aware of every venue in RVA.

This feature is going back to updating every month, and the most current version is always available at the Facebook page.  Become a fan today, and never miss out on drunktastic live goodness!

— devlocke

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