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Drunktastic Live Shows For the Month of 02/10!

posted on February 2, 2010 at 9:32 am · filed under Concert News

Here are Mother’s Milk’s recommendations for local events in the month of February. If you like drinking in public, you’d be well-advised to check ’em out.

02/03/10 – Strange Brew (film) @ Capital Ale House
02/05/10 – WRIR Birthday Bash @ The Renaissance Ballroom
02/07/10 – The Residents @ 930 (Washington, DC)
02/10/10 – Cracker Acoustic featuring David Lowery & Johnny Hickman @ Ashland Coffee and Tea
02/12/10 – German Fasching w/ The Continentals @ Capital Ale House
02/13/10 – White Cross, Octane Saints, Beex, Red Angel Dragnet, The Splints @ Plaza Bowl
02/16/10 – Willie Nelson @ The National
02/20/10 – Nouvelle Vague @ 930 (Washington, DC)
02/21/10 – Frank Turner @ The Camel
02/22/10 – Flogging Molly, Frank Turner @ The Norva (Norfolk, VA)
02/23/10 – Dropkick Murphys @ The Norva (Norfolk, VA)
02/24/10 – Snoop Dogg @ The National
02/28/10 – The Queers @ Black Cat (Washington, DC)

Well, Strange Brew is a movie starring Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis. We can’t believe we haven’t seen it. Movies at Capital Ale are free, so if you’re of a mind to watch a Canadian beer movie, you could certainly do worse. The WRIR Birthday Bash has a bunch of bands, a cash bar, free food, and the greatest DJs – and listeners – in the city of Richmond. It’s always a good time.

The Residents are a seminal band that is probably worth checking out, but… we’re not gonna lie. We’ll be watching the Superbowl that day. The Cracker acoustic gig is more an interesting curiosity than a must-see, in our opinion, but we’re not super-big fans of Cracker. Still, we’ve played a few of their songs, and it’s an excuse to go to Ashland. German Fasching? It’s essentially Mardi Gras for Krauts. Could be a good time; we’ll be checking it out, if we’ve got bank for beer. That mega-show is almost a replacement for the cancelled show from December – White Cross, Octane Saints, and Beex are all a MIGHTY GOOD TIME (We have said it before) and the other two guys are good enough to be in the same lineup, so I can’t imagine that they suck.

Willie Nelson. Do I need to say anymore? If I do, you probably wouldn’t like it. If I don’t, you probably would. I declare that “’nuff said.” Nouvelle Vague does awesome lounge covers of 80s New Wave and Punk classics; their version of the Dead Kennedys’ ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’ is a neo-classic.

FRANK TURNER! Hell yes: solo show at the Camel – right underneath the WRIR studios! – and then a gig the following day at the Norva, opening up for Floging Molly, America’s best Pogues-denying Pogues-influenced trad/punk crossover. The day after? Same venue, same vibe: Boston’s own Dropkick Murphys. We may be looking for a place to crash in Norfolk so we can catch both of those.

Snoop Dogg has done much to promote the drinking song in hip-hop culture, penning the instant-classic ‘Gin and Juice’ amongst other standouts. Plus you don’t have to drive anywhere. Last but not least, The Queers come highly recommended by Richmond’s (and the Slickee Boys’) own Dirty Dacoit Dan.

MUST SEE: Frank Turner at the Camel or at the Norva. I don’t care which one you go to, but he is a simply-not-to-be-missed live act. I’ve got a pair of tickets to give away for the Norva show, incidentally – keep listening for further information.

That’s all I have for this month: Thankfully, there’s something worth doing every week. As always, if you know of a show that should be on our list, email me at and I’ll be sure to add it to the list. Thanks for drinking!

— devlocke

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