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Drunktastic Shows For October of 2010!

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Here’s the list of Mother’s Milk-recommended live-music awesomeness in the Richmond-and-surrounding-areas sorta region… as always, if you know of something I missed, please leave a comment or email and let me know. Keep drinking, brothers and sisters…

10/04/2010 – The Hold Steady, Wintersleep @ 930 (DC) (SOLD OUT)
10/05/2010 – Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax @ Hampton Coliseum (NOR)
10/06/2010 – Fight the Big Bull @ Balliceaux (RVA)
10/08/2010 – Southern Culture On the Skids @ Plaza Bowl (RVA)
10/08/2010 – Tereu Tereu @ Rock and Roll Hotel (DC)
10/09/2010 – Southern Culture On the Skids @ 930 (DC)
10/12/2010 – Jeff the Brotherhood @ Strange Matter (RVA)
10/13/2010 – Jeff the Brotherhood @ Black Cat (DC)
10/15/2010 – Volture!, Battlemaster @ Strange Matter (RVA)
10/15/2010 – Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan @ Rock and Roll Hotel (DC)
10/16/2010 – Horsehead, Blue Whisky @ The Canal Club (RVA)
10/16/2010 – Tim Barry, Josh Small, Pedals On Our Pirate Ships @ The Camel (RVA)
10/16/2010 – Dead Kennedys @ Rock and Roll Hotel (DC)
10/22/2010 – WRIR Monster Mashquerade feat. The Green Hearts @ The Camel (RVA)
10/19/2010 – Richard Thompson @ 930 (DC)
10/20/2010 – Gary Numan @ Black Cat (DC)
10/21/2010 – Insane Clown Posse @ The Norva (NOR)
10/21/2010 – Guided By Voices @ 930 (DC)
10/22/2010 – Photosynthisizers @ Balliceaux (RVA)
10/23/2010 – The Riot Before @ The Camel (RVA)
10/24/2010 – Rocky Votalato, Ha Ha Tonka @ The Camel (RVA)
10/26/2010 – Imperial Order, Low On Sanity, Tempelteka @ The Camel (RVA)
10/26/2010 – Social Distortion, Lucero, FRANK TURNER @ 930 (DC) (SOLD OUT)
10/27/2010 – Me First & the Gimme Gimmes @ Black Cat (DC)
10/29/2010 – Drive-By Truckers @ The National (RVA)
10/30/2010 – Pedals On Our Pirate Ships @ The Canal Club (RVA)
10/30/2010 – Drive-By Truckers @ The National (RVA)
10/31/2010 – Night of the Living Dead Bands 2 @ Strange Matter (NOFX, Bad Religion, Damned, Blue Oyster Cult, Descendants, and Misfits tribute bands)

Every Friday, Beers and Banjos @ the Camel
Poe’s Pub hasn’t updated their calendar for October yet, so I can’t tell if they’ll have anything worth seeing or not, yet. I’ll update this list if they’ve got anything.

For the record, I vouch for every band on this page as being something worth checking out, if you’re into the kind of music they do, except for the Dead Kennedys thing. I’m pretty sure there’s no Jello in there, so it’s basically a cover-band as far as I’m concerned; if you want to see a Dead Kennedys cover band, you could probably do worse than seeing one with original members in it, but after all the drama between those dudes n’ Jello Biafra, it just seems kinda… I dunno. I balk at giving them my thumbs-up; they’re presumably reasonably succesful, so I don’t think they’ll mind too much. I mentioned it here solely as a curiosity, rather than as a recommendation.

— devlocke

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