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Setlist – 01/29/2013

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Tired of being tired?

Tonight, I bring to you the first Mother's Milk show inspired by the bands I used to hear at Revelations, back when that was a thing every Thursday at Twisters. It will not be complete, cuz' I only had the idea today, and it ended up meandering a bit and veering off course into other waters, but it's a fun collection of music, predominantly of the goth and industrial variety. First, tho, a track off of THE NEW HORSEHEAD ALBUM! Hopefully, it mentions booze. Let's see!

UPDATE: Okay, I would probably have bitched about hearing all this cliche, obvious shit, at Revelations 12 years ago. Except for the Bolshoi track – I can't ever get enough of that song, I don't care that I heard it basically every week for like a decade or something. But yeah, the first five songs or so are a litttle obvious. STILL AWESOME, THOUGH. Click here to download the show as an mp3 if you missed it live, and as per always, click here to check us out on Facebook.

Song Artist Album Label Year
Wasting Time Horsehead Sympathetic Vibrations Emerald City Sounds 2013
Love You To the Death Type O Negative October Rust Roadrunner Records 1996
Temple of Love Sisters of Mercy Some Girls Wander By Mistake Elektra 1992
Dark Entries Bauhaus Press the Eject and Give Me the Tape Atlantic 1982
A Way The Bolshoi Friends/Giants I.R.S. Records 1982
Childhood The Chameleons Strange Times Geffen 1986
Under the Floor Again The Damned Strawberries Sanctuary 1982
I Think I Need It Too Echo and the Bunnymen The Fountain Ocean Rain Records 2009
Bangkok Rain The Cult Ceremony Blanco y Negro Records 1991
Dirtbox Tennessee Chris Connelly Phenobarb Bambalam WaxTrax! 1992
The $500 Bottle of Wine The Fall Middle Class Revolt Sanctuary 1994
I Walk the Line Alien Sex Fiend The Singles: 1983 – 1985 Anagram 2003
I Can Do No Wrong Pigface Fook Invisible 1992
Rough Sex Lords of Acid Lust Antler-Subway 1991
Episode 33 Rum Doings

— devlocke

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