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Live Music Roundup!

posted on April 24, 2007 at 4:50 am · filed under Concert News

Where are bands playing in Richmond these days anyways, guys? Since the death of Nanci Raygun, I’m just wondering where the local guys that aren’t prominent enough to play Alley Katz are even playing out, anymore. Just house shows? Let me know.

But anyways, on with the update. At Alley Katz, you have Fat Benatar as well as some other guys (I mention this because, uhmm, well, you have to be drunk to appreciate Fat Benatar, and one of the other bands is called something about Space Pirates which is just good livin’) this Friday. Monday the 30th has Nashville Pussy and Artimus Pyledriver; I’m positive I’ve played some Nashville Pussy on the show, and I’ll have to check my records but I think I’ve played some AP as well. Then you’ve got the Nekromantix (yay, psychobilly) on Thursday, the third of May, and local Johnny Cash tribute band Black Cash and the Bad Seeds on Friday the fourth. So Alley Katz is looking nice over the next week or two.

Weird Al is playing Innsbrook on the 2nd. I can’t think of a specific song of his that mentions drinking outside of “Trigger Happy” but he’s just someone that being drunk could only enhance, he has lyrical genius, and he plays the accordion. If that doesn’t excite you, you have no soul.  It’s too bad it’s Innsbrook, but what can you do?

Out of town, as far as the “majors” go, I didn’t see anything relevant to my audience at Black Cat or the NorVa, but Clutch is playing the 9:30 on the 11th (it’s a Friday) and they’re some hard-drinkin’ mother-effers. As evidenced by the fact that they’re all fat. That’s what being a professional PBR-swiller will do to you.

The comments section exists for a reason. If you know of any boozed-up or booze-friendly events, let us know. I’ll edit this post to reflect your input, and you will have helped keep Richmond alcoholics aware of the shindigs they need to know about. Do your part!

— devlocke

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