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Setlist – 01/25/2010

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Woot!  Today, we’re celebrating the corporate victory at the Supreme Court last week!  We don’t really agree with the decision, but we loved that it gave us an excuse to play all branded-drinking-songs.

Miss the original airing?  Download the podcast HERE! A list of all of our podcasts is available via the link on the left, if just one episode is not enough.  Thanks for listening, and keep drinking!


The Untamed YouthPabst Blue Ribbon
Die Toten Hosen – Zehn Kleine Jaegermeister
Piss DrunksBlack Label Me
Rob TognoniJim Beam Blues
Mark MayIcehouse Special
Super ChikanFighting Cock
AfromanColt .45
Deak HarpMad Dog 20/20
The Pogues – Sayonara*
Jeff Buckley – Monologue: Fabulous Time For A Guinness
Margaret Barry – Guinness Song
Giles Farnaby’s Dream BandNewcastle Brown Ale
Loquillo – Chanel, cocaina y Dom Perignon
AlestormCaptain Morgan‘s Revenge
Tyler Pursel – Hold Your Keystone High
Crass – General Bacardi
2Pac feat. Obie TriceHennessy
Olde EnglishO’Doul’s feat. Jesse Novak
Busta Rhymes – Pass the Courvoisier
The Ramones – Gimme My Steel Reserve
The Macc LaddsBoddies
Public Image Ltd.Miller High Life
The Human LeagueGordon’s Gin
Adam CarrollOl’ Milwaukee‘s Best $
George JonesWild Irish Rose
Johnny Johnson & Keith RichardsTanqueray
Elliot SmithSt. Ides Heaven
The National – Bitters & Absolut
Jeezy – All I Need (Patron N Weed)
Billy Murray & The Haydn Quartet – Budweiser‘s A Friend Of Mine
Lord IssaNatural Ice Megamix
Skream – Pass the Red Stripe

* – Obviously, ‘Sayonara’ is not a brand name of beverage.  Well it might be, but the reason I played this song is because the chorus mentions ‘Mekong Whiskey’ which is, in fact, a brand name, as linked with the asterisk.

$- This appears to be about Old Milwaukee, judging by the lyrics, but the title could be interpreted as being about Milwaukee’s Best.  Your call.

— devlocke

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