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  • » Setlist – 04/02/2013

    • We are KILLIN' IT tonight. All top-forty bubblegum awfulness… with booze! Adhering simultaneously to our very high AND very low standards, we are proving once again that I'll play anything once. It's a dance-party up in here. A drunk dance-party. Thanks for listening/sorry. 🙂 UPDATE: And for once, we got a podcast. It took forever […]

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  • » Setlist – 03/19/2013

    • Started the show out with an attempt to encapsulate Mother's Milk's breadth and depth of alcoholic expression in 40 minutes. Failed, but had fun trying. Then we started this week's liveness! Huzzah. Unfortunately, Audition crapped out on me and my podcast stopped recording like thirty seconds in. So no podcast this week. 🙁 Song Artist […]

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  • » Setlist 03/12/2013

    • Herschel Stratego is joining us tonight, for another Fund Drive Extravaganza! Say 'cheers' and drink up! UPDATE: Hey, want to join the group "PLEASE let herschel Stratego open for TMBG's opener…"? Click here to check it out! DOUBLE-UPDATE: Finally got the podcast up – click here to download it. Also, we have a Facebook page. […]

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  • » Setlist – 03/05/2013

    • In March, we celebrate St. Patrick's Day with complete performances by artists with drinking songs – playing Irish music for St. Pat's is both cliche and so every-week that it wouldn't feel special, y'know? This week, we're hearing an early 2000s performance from 90s sensations The Gin Blossoms. They left me cold at the time, […]

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  • » Setlist – 02/26/2013

    • Yarr. I got sidetracked having to do tech-support for a friend before the show and left my CD-book at home. It's going to be a little random and house-keepery tonight, until it's time for this month's Rum Doings. UPDATE: Finally got it up! (that's what she said) I left my flash drive at the station […]

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  • » Setlist – 02/19/2013

    • Started out with a song, and a search for inspiration. Ended up with a bunch of songs – all boozy as per usual – by a bunch of sad bastards, Scottish and otherwise. Some other stuff in here too, but really, that's most of it. I hope you're ready to get down… UPDATE: Done! Mission […]

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  • » Setlist – 02/12/2013

    • After the now-traditional new-track-from-Horsehead, tonight's show's all 70s-AM-Gold schlock, for the most part. At least, that's the plan. It's a long story that I'll probably tell on air. UPDATE: Hells, yeah. Awful music, fun music, awfully fun music, and all of it boozy as per our remit. Click here to get the mp3 version of […]

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  • » Setlist – 02/05/2013

    • I was in a weird mood tonight. Lots of stuff I don't normally play, from electronica to hip-hop, and we'll also go ahead and round out last week's goth set with the industrial stuff I didn't have time for. It's gonna be a weird one… starting out with a cut from the new Horsehead record, […]

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  • » Setlist – 01/29/2013

    • Tonight, I bring to you the first Mother's Milk show inspired by the bands I used to hear at Revelations, back when that was a thing every Thursday at Twisters. It will not be complete, cuz' I only had the idea today, and it ended up meandering a bit and veering off course into other […]

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  • » No 01/22/2013 show…

    • Perhaps you’ve heard of the weather? I was a under it. Way under it. Like, Journey To the Center of the Earth under it. Spent the last 24 hours in bed. Sorry about that. Regular service will resume next week!

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